Date Night (Locked and Loaded)

As I am currently in the midst of what I’m pretty sure is another fizzled and unspectacular end to my latest attempt at absconding my cat lady fate, I’ve been thinking: I haven’t told all of you any wacky dating stories in a while. Want to hear some? Okay! Happy to oblige. Adventures in Dating: […]

What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

For a little over a year now, I have been a runner. By “runner,” I mean I go out my door and jog, wheeze, complain, and burn calories for at least three miles. I joined my local running club, and last Friday, I decided to go to the January social event. I thought, hey, I […]

Legacy Of Socks

Yesterday, I wore a pair of my grandma’s socks. I know they were her socks because “Mildred Service” was carefully stitched into the toes. All day long, I wore Grandma’s socks, and I could feel her nametag rubbing a nice blister on the little piggy who had none on my right foot. I had a […]

Frozen: A Winter Romance Anthology

Happy Black Friday, everyone! Or, as I like to think of it, Food Regret Friday. Thanks for coming to the next stop of the Frozen blog tour. Welcome to my website if this is your first visit. It can be a dark, twisted place, but hopefully you’ll find some laughs along the way. Was anyone […]

The Sneer

The sneer was my breaking point. This all happened a couple of weeks ago, so before you continue reading, just know I’m perfectly fine now. I was really okay then, too, but I thought I would share since we’ve all had days (weeks, months?) like this. The prior week had ended in spectacularly shitty fashion. […]

A Workable Solution For Weight Loss

A few weeks ago on a Sunday morning, as I do every Sunday morning, I weighed myself. I have been working hard for about two years to lose weight, and it has been steadily working, but in the past six months, I haven’t lost a pound. I wasn’t ready to give up, but I was […]

To the Beachside Burglar

Dear Purse Snatcher- Are you having a good day? My guess is probably not because you’re the type of person who steals purses, so every day is undoubtedly a nightmare the likes of which I can never comprehend. That’s a real bummer, I’m genuinely sorry your life has led to this. Look, I know better […]