Who You Gonna Call?

I don’t believe in ghosts for one simple reason: ghosts aren’t real.  But I like scary movies and ghost stories, and I figured what better day to weave a paranormal yarn than Easter?  (Why Easter?  Because it is the world’s best known zombie story.) I went on a ghost hunt in Georgia with my buddies […]

Drunk at da Club

I love to dance.  I dance at my desk at work, I dance when I’m walking to the bathroom, I dance on the elliptical at the gym, I pick up my cats and dance with them (unrelated: I’m covered in scratches), there are simply very few moments in my life where dancing seems inappropriate. So […]


A little over a month ago, my best friend Annie, my new friend Sarah, and I traveled to a town called Senoia, GA to hear Annie’s husband’s band play at the Southern Ground Social Club.  (They’re The Josh Brannon Band, in case you’re curious, and they are hot and awesome, so check them out if […]

You Had to be a Big Shot, Didn’t Ya?

There are a lot of big shots in this world, but there is no bigger big shot than the big shot who talks about business on his cell phone when he’s at the airport. You see, the big shot has so much important business to conduct, he can’t wait until he’s sitting at the gate […]

Publishing Day

I’ve been contemplating for a while what to write on the day I got published.  It’s merely hours away as I’m writing this.  With all the guest blogs and marketing, to be honest, I am exhausted of talking about the book (Little Girls Dream Big, available now!).  Those of you who follow the site and […]

The Things I Ate After the Chiefs “Game”

After the Chiefs lost the playoff game yesterday, I was hungry, but I had also lost the will to live.  I had a hot dog in my fridge, and a can of croissants, which was good because I was out of bread.  I wrapped the hot dog in a croissant triangle and ate it.  I […]

Our Damnable Hurry Part 3: More Good Days

Previously, on Our Damnable Hurry: Perfectionism is creating a life of unattainable standards.  I focus more on doing the things I don’t want to do for people I don’t care about than my own happiness, taking care of myself, and being kind to the people I love.  I vow to slow down.  I try to […]