Here We Are Again, You and I and KC

I don’t miss my dad often. It sounds horrible to say. What you’re supposed to say out loud is, “I miss him every second of every day.” That’s what love is, I guess, if you’re an obsessive crackpot who doesn’t have anything else going on in your life. You feel that way at first, and […]

Totally Accurate Name Origins

This morning on the way to the beach, I remarked to Sarah, “You know that name origin thingie on Facebook? I swear, all the ones I see are ‘warrior princess.’ All names can’t mean warrior princess, can they?” It turns out yes, most names can mean warrior princess. Some of the most beautiful names in […]

The 10 Day Sugar Detox

Day 1 I feel good. All the fresh fruits and vegetables are bought, the sugar is out of the house, and I have my favorite thing in the world: a plan. Oh, how I love having plans. Plans are amazing. It’s hard to fail when you have a plan. I’m ready. I can’t wait to […]

Reflections On A Dead Cat

To be read upon my unlikely demise: Dear Coley, That’s what I called you. That’s what all the best people call you, so I did, too. Coco and Kansas sometimes, but usually Coley. No idea what your real name is. I know you’re probably sad that I’m gone. That’s to be expected. You talked to […]

The Bobs Have Gone

In April 2011, my mom and I went to visit my godparents’ farm. It had been a little over a year since Dad died, and Mom was starting to emerge from the fog of grief. The weather was beautiful, and both physically and metaphorically, I felt the optimistic, loose-tendoned calmness of surfacing after a bitter […]

Helper Cats (Aren’t A Thing)

Shout out to my cats for helping me pack for next week’s move. You were exceptionally helpful. Me: Rogue, can you please move off the stairs? I have to carry this huge, heavy TV, and you’re kind of in the way. Rogue: Me: Hey, Spaz, I sort of need that chair to reach some high nails […]

Downtown Breakdown

Want to spice up your week? Maybe try an emotional meltdown on Tuesday, like I did last week. I have the formula, if required. It’s a cup of exhaustion, a healthy pint of hormonal irrationality, a dash of humidity, and of course, the secret ingredient: preternatural psychosis. In my adorable, hyper controlling, Type-A way, I […]