About Nicole Angeleen

Nicole CreekNicole grew up in Shawnee, Kansas, where she spent most of her time scouring the tomes of such timeless literature as The Baby-Sitters Club, Goosebumps, and anything written by Judy Blume.

In fourth grade, her mother said she would only take her to see Jurassic Park if she read the book first. Worried that all “grown-up” books would contain blocks of pages with indecipherable math equations, she began reading voraciously across all genres, just to make sure she wouldn’t have to get a Ph.D. in algorithms if she wanted to be a successful author.

After high school, Nicole convinced her parents to allow her to move to Myrtle Beach on the promise that she would become a marine biologist. Halfway through her first semester at Coastal Carolina University, she changed her major to English. During that time, she was a freelance arts and entertainment reporter for the local Sun newspaper. She also forged a successful career as a serving wench at Medieval Times.

Becoming a Writer

Nicole has been narrating her life in her head since she acquired speech and started writing short stories in fourth grade. She wrote her first full length novel when she was a junior in high school, and it took approximately fifteen stabs at novel writing before she found her voice and began writing books worth reading. Her first book, a YA novel titled Little Girls Dream Big was published in January 2014, and “Frozen Heart Thawing,” a historical romance novella, was published as part of an anthology in October 2014. “To Love A Scotsman,” another historical romance novella that is sort of like if the Bourne Identity was about a Scottish heroine, was published in March 2017. Currently, she writes everything from children’s stories to screenplays to punchy short stories, but her favorite medium is full length novels.

Where is Nicole Now?Nicole and Rogue

Nicole currently lives in Myrtle Beach, SC with Rogue, her cat, and her boyfriend, who the traitorous cat seems to like more. She is writing and spending as much time as possible at the beach while performing her duties as a social worker. She enjoys reading, being rabidly fanatic about Kansas City sports teams and constantly complaining about how terrible they are, traveling, joining rewards clubs, and yo-yo dieting.

She has never been to North Dakota.

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