Little Girls Dream Big - New NovelLittle Girls Dream Big

At eleven-years-old, Ileana Dalca is the future of Romanian gymnastics, the country’s best hope to revitalize a proud tradition sliding relentlessly behind the rest of the world. This vision is destroyed when Ileana falls during practice, slips into a coma, and dies.

While this is a tragedy for an entire nation, for Ileana’s older sister Trixie, it is an intense and crushing loss she can hardly bear. Preparing for her first Olympics should have been thrilling. Instead, Trixie finds it difficult to face the day as she becomes increasingly isolated and what remains of her family falls apart.

The only person Trixie feels she can turn to for help is her best friend. American gymnast Shaye Sylvester is her chief rival, but because of the enormous pressure they both feel to be the standard-bearers for their respective squads, they have formed a strong bond sustained through competition and across continents. Shaye knows how it feels to watch helplessly as her dream is nearly stolen, and she is determined to do whatever it takes to pull her friend through the heartache. Unfortunately, all her funds are consumed by training and travel, and she will need assistance if she is going to keep the promise of support she makes to Trixie.

Abby Vicari is a high school senior with a gift for math.  Her powerful parents refuse to consider anything beside a collegiate path for her future, but her dream is to be a documentary filmmaker.  When she reads the news story about Ileana’s death, she is immediately skeptical of the story purported by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. The accident described seems unlikely to cause the serious injury suffered by the girl, and as the only person in the Western hemisphere who seems to notice or care, Abby feels it is her duty to uncover the facts.  Against her family’s wishes, she teams up with Shaye and Trixie, and under the guise of making an innocuous documentary about two Olympic gymnasts, Abby boldly investigates what really happened to Ileana Dalca.


Frozen: A Winter Romance AnthologyFrozen2

A collection of romance short stories and novellas set in the coldest and darkest nights of the year when love is tested and melts even the coldest of hearts.

Frozen Heart Thawing by Nicole Angeleen
In the depths of winter, Thomas Everett grudgingly meets his betrothed, Nila Sarvani, the daughter of a powerful sheikh. The passion they share takes them both by surprise, but the ruthlessness of American business threatens to tear them apart. Nila must decide if her dreams can be realized if she allows herself to fall in love.